Antarctica: Malaysia’s Journey to the Ice

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‘Antarctica: Malaysia’s Journey to the Ice’ is no ordinary coffee table book. It gives, through text and pictures, an elaborate account of the icy continent, its geology, climate, flora and fauna and the scientific research stations as well as the work of the multinational group of scientists and researchers who focus their efforts there.

It also relates the aspiration of a young nation, Malaysia, to persuade the international community to regard and accept Antarctica as a common heritage of mankind and utilise the conducive atmosphere it offers for research that will benefit humanity.

While it portrays the literal journey of scientists from tropical Malaysia to the icy continent to undertake research, it also depicts the unending symbolic journey of preserving Antarctica for the common benefit of mankind.

“Curiosity has driven mankind to explore, to leave nothing untouched in any part of the planet Earth and, progressively, in places beyond as well. It is the fervent hope that this curiosity will not kill the cat, will not destroy this last unsettled continent”.

- Extract from Foreword of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
on ‘Antarctica: Malaysia’s Journey to the Ice’ Coffee Table Book


• Book Size : 11” (W) X 12” (H)
• Hard Cover With Jacket
• Language : English
• Number of pages : 275
• A Total of 366 Photographs
• 7 Articles : The Journey Begins; The Continent; The History and Politics; The Science; Malaysian Scientists in Antarctica; Flying the Malaysian Flag; The Journey Continues.
• ISBN Reference Number: 978-983-99346-8-7
• Exclusive and Limited Edition
• Publication Year 2013
• First Print 2013
• Market Price: RM150.00